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All About Cosmetic Dentistry



A person's smile is an ultimate feature that makes his or her entire appearance and with a perfect and complete set of teeth, is helpful to boost up your level of confidence. But, if your teeth's color is somewhat deviant or crooked, then with the aid of cosmetic dentistry it will be possible for you to put your perfect smile back to your face.


The main goal of this kind of dentistry is to restore or recreate the natural splendor of your teeth. If your teeth happen to be disfigured, this kind of dentistry could be helpful to improve your smile, and most importantly boost your level of confidence.


The price of cosmetic dentistry service that uses porcelain crowns ranges between 980 USD up to 2100 USD for each porcelain crown. Also, white fillings for black or discolored molars' price ranges between 140 to 260 USD per filling procedure. Bonding of your front tooth vary between 340 to 1600 USD. Invisalign braces also vary between 5000 to 7600 USD per complete treatment procedure. The rates have wide range of variation, read more here!


One of the most common reasons why a person would consult a dentist because of the desire to whiten his/her teeth. There are a number of people whose teeth were stained for a particular time because of the kind of foods and drinks they take; however, others have their teeth stained since they were born. Take note that these concerns can possibly be corrected by utilizing state-of-the-art whitening techniques. In addition to that, cosmetic dentistry can also correct your teeth if it is too small, crooked or too thin.There are no insurance that cover dental procedures however there are dental plans that cover a particular percentage of the total cost per procedure like restorative and functional dentistry, but cosmetic dentistry can sometimes not be covered. Learn more about dentistry at  .


In cosmetic dentistry at Forest Park Dental, the problems that could be managed are: teeth replacement (if missing), filling the gaps in widely separated teeth, reducing gum visualization if you happen to have a so called "gummy smile", and utilizing natural whitening fillings as replacement for worn out metal fillings.

Remember that when you are a recipient of a cosmetic dental care it does not only improve your oral hygiene, but also improve your pretty smile that will make you feel proud to show off. Whatever oral issues you may be encountering, do not forget to consult your dentist to determine whether you need to have a dental care procedure or not.